How to enter the 2015 Stur Half


Click on the '1' download pdf to get your 2015 entry form


Send your entries to: Stur Half Entries Secretary:
57 Rempstone Road, Merley, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1TR

info sheet  

If you are entering or collecting your number on the day. Later in the year you will be able to click on the red button (left) to download all the information you need to get to the race.

Please note that we are only taking transfer of numbers and any other race enquiries up to the evening of Friday 31st July. All other enquiries will have to be dealt with on the day at Race Admin. Thank you.



This year we are reverting back to our original 5K race and will be starting this after the half marathon further down Station Road.

This is open to anyone aged 13 and over. Entries for this race will be taken on the day at Race Admin.

Entry Fees

UKA Club Members = £12, Non UKA runners = £14, (£2 extra for runners entering on the day).

Please make cheques payable to 'Dorset Doddlers'.

We will be taking entries on the day up until 10am.

Age limits

You must be 17 and over to run the half marathon and over 13 for the 5K.

Race Info. Packs and collecting numbers of the day

A race pack with race information and your race number will be sent out to you two weeks prior to the race. Please send us a 9" x 6 ish" (letter size) stamped addressed envelope with your entry – No SAE, no race pack. You will be able to collect your number on the day and download information from the site.

If you have entrered on-line with Runner's World there is no need to send a SAE, we will send your number if requested.

PLEASE NOTE that if your envelope is either bulky or larger than the specified size. WE have to pay a fee to receive your entry! Also if your SAE is larger than letter size, YOU will have to pay an extra fee from the post office to receive it.

If you are entering late or would rather collect your number on the day please let us know by ticking the relevant box on the entry form or on-line entry.

Your Race Number

When you receive your race number please check that the number on your envelope matches the number on your race number. If different please contact us.

If you have any medical details that we should know about, please write them on the reverse of your number with a next of kin contact number.




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